Sunday, June 9, 2024

Booking in Tel Aviv (and Jaffa)

 With the good news of the rescue of four of the hostages (and the sad news that Almog Meir Jan's father died a few hours before the rescue, and that one of their rescuers, Arnon Zmora, died of injuries sustained in the rescue), it was time was a change of pace and a change of scenery. Off to Tel Aviv to go to bookstores!

We stared in Jaffa at...the Yafa Bookstore and Coffee Shop. Why did we not know that this is an Arabic bookstore? They had a few used English books, and they graciously offered some romance novels "to read on the plane." A little miffed on both counts, since we live in Israel and prefer literary fiction and non-fiction, but it was nice that they tried. The reward for trekking way down to Jaffa was the beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea and the architecture of the neighborhood.

From there, it was on to Sipur Pashut, which means "simply story." This bookstore is in the charming Neve Tzedek neighborhood, which is full of interesting stores and galleries. Again, not much of an English selection, but a fun place to look around.

Next stop, HaMigdalor. And yet again, not so many English books, but lots of games and toys in addition to the books.

And finally, Book Worm, which in Hebrew is Tola'at Sefarim. Here, it seemed the coffee and the snacks were the main attraction, although there were a lot of interesting books, many in English.

For our next trip, we will probably return to an old favorite, Halper's on Allenby, where there are plenty of English books!

Happy Reading!

Besorot Tovot!

May we hear good tidings soon!

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